How to paint a door
Learn the correct way to paint a colonial door with this simple illustrated tutorial.
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How to paint a window
Learn the easy way to paint a sash window. The trick is in the rotation of the sashes.
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How to roll a wall
learn how to cut in, roll out, and lay off a wall for more professional looking results.
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Home Painting Basics
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Color-A-Home from Better Homes & Gardens
A free online virtual painting program, Experiment with different color combinations and home styles.

Glidden Paint Visualizer
Choose and print your color scheme from the full Glidden color spectrum with this handy FREE online virtual painter

Caution Lead Paint
If you are concerned about Lead Paint in and around your Home. Here is the FREE consumer advisory from  the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
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Caution Indoor Mold
Find out about indoor mold and the health problems that could be associated with it. Here is the FREE US/EPA  advisory on indoor mold and mildew.
Sherwin Williams painting simulator
Free virtual painter using the Sherwin Williams paint color palette. Free to use.

American Traditions painting simulator from Lowes
A free virtual painting simulator using the American Tradition color palette. Free to use.

Free virtual house painting
CBN Selector is a FREE image editor to re-color your digital images. It is intended for exterior and interior design projects and provides color choices based on selected building materials (paint, stucco, grouts, coatings etc.). It offers color wheel selections, color harmonies, favorite color organizer and more. The re-colored images can be save in JPG or BMP format and you can also generate a full report, including the picture and color choices. (note :a powerful program)

Ben Moore personal virtual painter
Benjamin Moore paint Company offers a FREE online personal painting program. Use it to paint preloaded images with the Benjamin Moore colors.

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