Author Topic: How to paint rooms with sloped ceilings  (Read 4581 times)

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How to paint rooms with sloped ceilings
« on: January 09, 2006, 11:38:05 PM »
Ours is a Cape Cod. I want to paint 2 upstairs bedrooms, each room with 8' ceilings, 4' high knee walls and one 8' wide recessed dormer with window seat and 12' high vaulted ceilings allowing for roundtop windows in dormers. Each room is large and has lots of light. Both rooms have some portion of knee wall built out and up to full height of room for closets. So, lots of angles in these rooms.
We're going with white ceilings and dark colored walls - Navy in one room, burgundy in the other. My question: Everything is offwhite now. When I paint the walls dark, the contrasting angles are really going to pop out. Is this going to be too "busy", perhaps? Is there a best way to do this?
Not sure how to handle the dormers, either. An "alcove" look, perhaps? What part should be painted dark and rest left white?  I'm really stumped. Thanks so much for your advice!

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Re:How to paint rooms with sloped ceilings
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2006, 10:19:01 AM »
That is a tough one it can depend on many things that are specific to each room.

Generally, amping up constrasts (stark white ceiling/navy walls) lessens any feeling of expansiveness a room may have.  By keeping the color consistent, designating a logical line for the ceiling and walls, and chopping up a room as little as possible is the best way to maximize every visual sq. inch.  A creamy white, like Sherwin Williams Creamy or Ellen Kennon's Classic Cream (avialable thru ICI/Dulux) are two good ceiling colors.  They have a definite edge of warmth.

The "it can depend" part is important though too.  Sometimes it's really cool to punch up those interesting slopes, alcoves and window seats by bumping them out with color.  Limiting the contrasts by using one strip of color is an option, i.e. do the walls in a color from the middle of the strip and accent the interesting areas with a darker color from the same strip.

Take a digital picture of the room and print it.  It will give you a different perspective.  You can even experiment with markers or upload the pic and use one of the at-home virtual paint programs.  
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