Mad Dog Primers/ Interior Crack Fix  ****
Manufacturer: Mad Dog Primers
Official Site:
Type used:  Interior Crack Fix/ quart
Avg. Cost:    One quart  avg. $24.00
                      One Gallon  avg. $ 66.00

A nice Lady at Mad Dog Primers requested that I field test and review their primer so I was pleasantly surprised to receive not one but three of their specialty primers, a binding primer, a primer for problem decks and an interior primer for cracks in drywall.

Specialty primers are just that, formulated for special problems and In this business special problems can pop up without notice. On this occasion I was called, once again, to fix a popped (ceiling) drywall seam that I had repaired ( with confidence)  twice before. I informed the home owner that I would be back to repair the seam but this time I would use a product that was made for just such problems, her reply was "Yeah Right!"
Well I applied the Mad Dog Crack Fix to the area as instructed and allowed it to dry before doing the standard patching, skimming and painting to complete the repair... but based on my prior experience I made no guarantees. That was over a year ago so I called the home owner and asked her how the seam was holding up, I really expected to hear a rant about how the repair had failed but to my surprise she said  " Great, it looks like you did it yesterday."  I was both elated and relieved to learn that this continuing problem had been solved.

Unfortunately there are a lot of products out there that do not live up to their claims but it appears that the nice lady at Mad Dog Primers confidence in this product was well placed. Mad Dog Crack Fix is a speciality primer that really works.

So how do I rate Mad Dog Interior Crack Fix?
Cost to Quality ratio - A
Ease of use - A
Overall performance - A

Roger Woodward

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