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Type used:  Trim Brush cover ( up to 3" )
Avg. Cost:    Single $4.99  Three pack  $12.99  Ten pack  $39.99

Anyone who has tackled a painting project has encountered the problem, and professional painters face it every day. How do you keep your paint brush in good working order while it (and you) are taking a break? I have tried all the standard solutions, wrapping the bristles in plastic, which always results in a very messy unwrap, covering the bristles with a rag, which simply does not work, and the most common sin, leaving the brush in the bucket of paint, an invitation to curled or distorted bristles. When Sal DePaola
emailed me with a possible solution to the problem I was eager to give it a try.

Sal explained that his simple invention ( "The Paint Brush Cover" ) would work with any trim paint brush ( up to three inches) and would provide an airtight seal around the bristles to prevent the paint from drying out while keeping the bristles in proper order.
When my Paint Brush Cover arrived I immediately placed it in my tool box and by lunch time the next day I was ready to use it. I placed my paint soaked three inch trim brush, which I had been using all morning, in the cover, snapped it shut and promptly put it back in the van, where it stayed for five full days. To be honest I can't say I forgot about the brush but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cover to find the brush in exactly the same condition as when I put it in the cover, no dried paint, no distorted bristles. As a disclaimer  nether Sal or myself recommend leaving a wet paint brush in "The Paint Brush Cover" for such an extended time but based on my experience Sal's simple invention not only performed as advertised it exceeded expectations.

So how do I rate "The paint Brush Cover ?
  • Cost to Quality ratio - A
  • Heavy Duty Construction - B+
  • Practical onsite use - A+
  • Design shape/size - A+

Roger Woodward

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