Purdy 6 in 1 painter's tool  **
Manufacturer: Purdy Corp.
Official Site: www.purdycorp.com
Type used:  Premium 6 in 1 Tool
Avg. Cost:    $5.75 - $8.00

The Sherwin Williams Paint Company recently launched a line of painter's tools under the Purdy label. As part of their promotion they offered a free Purdy premium 6 in 1 painter's tool to professional painters for review and feedback.
When mine arrived the first thing I noticed was the size of the handle, a good 1-1/2" longer and 1/4" thicker than standard, and at first thought I imagined this as a good thing.  I also liked the hammer head at the butt of the handle and the heavy duty stainless steel blade. I looked forward to trying it out on the job site.

On the first day of use I encountered problems. Pro painters depend on this type of tool and  usually carry one in a pant's pocket but the length and heft of the handle made it difficult to keep this 6 in 1 tool in the side pocket of my painter's whites. It stayed on the floor or on a ladder shelf much more than it should have.

While I have no complaints with the  heavy duty construction and the high grade materials, the over sized  handle design makes it  more at home in a tool box than a pant's pocket, if a matching sheath was available I'd buy it.

So how do I rate Purdy's preimum 6 in 1 painter's tool ?
  • Cost to Quality ratio - A
  • Heavy Duty Construction - A
  • Practical onsite use - D
  • Design shape/size - D

The bottom line is that I found the Purdy's premium 6 in 1 painter's tool  to be a reasonably priced high quality tool that lacks practically in design for the professional painter.

Roger Woodward

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